Gentle rock excavation for the railway Norrbotniabanan in Umeå

The Norrbotniabanan is a new railway between Umeå and Luleå that enables faster, safer and more environmentally friendly travel and transport. In Umeå, it runs between Umeå city centre and the municipal border towards Robertsfors, via Sävar and Gryssjön.

Norrbottens Bergteknik is responsible for the rock handling work and Veidekke is our client in the project.

In total, about 320 000 solid cubic metres of rock will be drilled and rock excavated out. This includes the gentle blasting of the rock side walls along the entire route. Only electronic igniters are used.

About the mission:

Norrbotniabanan - Umeå
Responsible for:
Drilling, blasting
In total, about 320,000 solid cubic metres of rock will be drilled and blasted out gently with a sealed seam and electronic detonators.
Head of Department, Mikael Lund: +46 (0)70-346 26 40


+ 46 (0)929-109 10

Visiting address:

Löpevägen 16
SE-906 20, Umeå

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Box 10
SE-942 21 Älvsbyn

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