We are specialists in rocks

Norrbottens Bergteknik is one of Sweden's leading companies in rock handling. We have extensive expertise in drilling, rock excavation, rock reinforcement, rock fracturing, wire sawing and measuring/scanning. Our assignments extend throughout the country and we work with projects in areas such as infrastructure, wind power, quarries and mining environments.

Our areas of activity

We have pooled our expertise in four areas: infrastructure, construction, quarries and mines.


We have a lot of experience in working with rock handling contracts. Our work ranges from small assignments to complex projects. We work on large infrastructure projects for roads, railways, bridges or other construction operations. Within the framework of infrastructure projects, we can carry out specialised work but also take on complete assignments ranging from uncovering, drilling and blasting to reinforcement, crushing, grading and excavation.
Examples of current assignments include the railway Norrbotniabanan, the Logistics Park in Sundsvall and many more.


In construction we offer rock handling services in densely populated environments and areas close to nature. This may include assignments in city centres in connection with large and small construction projects. It can also be for new establishment or expansion of industrial areas or other land for real estate or housing. It can also be in renovation and repair work. Another major area in which we operate is wind farms. We have extensive experience of drilling and rock excavation for roads, foundations and crane plans for wind farms throughout Sweden.


Rock quarries are the most important sources in the Swedish construction industry for access to crushed material and gravel products. Norrbottens Bergteknik has extensive experience of quarry work. We carry out individual operations in drilling and rock excavation to complete assignments where we are responsible for the entire process, from planning and uncovering to crushing, unloading and resale. We always listen to the customer's needs and attach great importance to co-operation.
Norrbottens Bergteknik is currently involved and active in about 50 quarries in northern Sweden and in the Stockholm area.

Markbygden crusher and quarry


Our offer to the mining industry consists mainly of drilling assignments in open pit mines in both Sweden and Finland. We work with world-leading and modern equipment. For example, we use the latest DTH rigs from Epiroc and Sandvik. Our operators are experienced and very knowledgeable. We work with driver-controlled drilling rigs but also remote-controlled rigs where the operators sit in a separate, comfortable workstation and can efficiently control more than one drilling rig at a time.

Our focus is primarily on contour drilling, but we can also assist with production drilling. In addition to the practical drilling work, we handle everything related to drilling plans, measuring and scanning, quality assurance and documentation.

Our services

We are proud to be one of Sweden's leading players in our fields.


Drilling is a major part of our work and a prerequisite for good blasting results. With modern rigs and experienced drill rig drivers, we carry out the work with precision and sensitivity. We take great account of vibrations, noise and surroundings. This is particularly important in urban environments. 


We use safe and modern rock excavation techniques and our blasters are well trained. We constantly strive to work in a safe and preventive way that also takes care of the environment. Performing safe blasting is one of our guiding principles.

Rock reinforcement

Rock handling is more than drilling and rock excavation. We take care of the entire process from planning to blasting and rock reinforcement. We start from the customer's needs, the conditions of the rock and the surrounding environment. We use the most appropriate methods.


Rock fracturing is a very gentle method used in vibration-sensitive environments where blasting is not possible. Typical areas where rock fracturing is used are cities and densely populated areas, close to buildings, pipes and utilities, but also single-family plots in residential neighbourhoods or natural areas.
Fracturing can be done by hydraulic fracturing or chemical fracturing. The major advantages of fracturing are that it is quiet, gentle and controlled. Rock fracturing also requires less planning, fewer or no barriers and usually no inspection. The service can be carried out on behalf of companies, organisations and individuals.

Wire sawing

Wire sawing is an effective method used in urban and sensitive environments. With the help of sawing, we carefully expose the side of the rock that connects to the most sensitive part of the area, usually a building foundation or a concrete foundation.

Wire sawing is carried out using specialised equipment, the core of which is a wire, fitted with diamond balls. The work is done with great precision and the surface after wire sawing is completely smooth. The rock can then be blasted in a controlled and safe manner without risking damage to the surrounding environment. We also offer the possibility of wire sawing entire blocks.


Our method of measuring and scanning is very suitable for planning, creating digital drilling plans, checking and validating boreholes and volume and quantity calculation of materials.

Much of the work is done using modern technology based on a drone with RTK equipment and associated software for creating 3D models. Using the information collected by the drone, we can accurately produce precise drilling plans, plan the operation of the quarry and calculate stockpiles and piles.

For measuring and checking boreholes, we use specialised measuring equipment with a probe that is lowered into the holes to validate both the drilling depth and the drilling angle.
Thanks to our measuring and scanning services, information and documents are highly accurate, reliable and increase productivity.

Voices from our customers

We attach great importance to good relationships and long-term cooperation. Here you can read what three of our customers say about us. The texts are taken from our customer magazine.

Erik Mårtensson

CEO of Umeå Entreprenad

– We have worked with Norrbottens Bergteknik ever since Umeå Entreprenad started in 2004. We have a good co-operation, they are available at short notice if needed and they do a good job. We are happy to work together and attach great importance to the long term relationship.

The new building Hus 29 at Norrland University Hospital, the Pedagogen block at Teg and a large plan for an asphalt plant for Peab Asfalt are some of the latest projects where Umeå Entreprenad and Norrbottens Bergteknik have collaborated.

Anna-Karin Mattsson

CEO and partner in Hallstaviks Schakt.

– Norrbottens Bergteknik has both resources and expertise. They can also take care of large jobs. They maintain high quality in blasting assignments, which is important to us. This means that we can always and more reliably give the right price and deliver the right material to our clients. The co-operation is long-term and it also means that we can work together on larger assignments. We are responsible for construction work and crushing and Bergteknik for blasting. Being partners benefits everyone.

In the Stockholm region, Hallstaviks Schakt is a close partner of Norrbottens Bergteknik, and at Roslagskrossen in Norrtälje the co-operation has been going on for several years. 

Team picture of Hallstavik schakt
Bröderna Anderssons Grus

Mathias Andersson

CEO of Bröderna Anderssons Grus

They do good work and are easy to work with, we get along well. They have good resources and we feel prioritised. We have worked together to varying degrees for several decades, and in recent years we have deepened our co-operation. The Nordisk Bergteknik Group has done all the rock excavation work for us over the past five years.

Bröderna Anderssons Grus and Norrbottens Bergteknik work closely together and have, among other things, worked together on the major construction of Northvolt's battery factory in Skellefteå. 

Boliden Aitik, photo Lars DeWall

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